Interim management

Fast reactions are more important than ever in today's turbulent times. The current pandemic with the corresponding contact restrictions is forcing a radical rethinking of previous sales and negotiation approaches. If there are changes or personnel changes during this period, there is a risk that projects or developed concepts will not be strictly followed up. It comes to a "perceived" standstill in the department or in the team. We are happy to help you take on responsibility or give you a new impulse.

There are many reasons why it is worth considering an interim management mandate:

  • Are there currently difficulties in filling vacancies?
  • Is there a short-term bottleneck situation in the team?
  • Is there a need to give the team a change impulse?
  • Are you interested in a "second" neutral, objective opinion?
  • >Do bridging times have to be designed in management?
  • Does a challenging company situation forcing a restructuring process?

If only one of these questions applies to you, we recommend a non-binding initial consultation - then you decide whether we are right for you.

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