Competence & consulting fields

The health industry is the largest economic sector in Germany with the highest number of employees. Therefore, we specialize in selected areas in which we can definitely make an important contribution to the organizational and economic development of our customers. Our consulting sectors will show the highest dynamic of change in the next few years. Therefore, many market participants in these sectors are looking for support to find solutions to questions of future development - we offer it!


The German hospital landscape is subject to the greatest challenges of the last 20 years: Hospital Structure Act, increasing outpatient treatment, further advance of private providers, increasing cost and revenue pressure (DRG), competition among clinics, etc. We support you in particular in optimizing procurement management , the implementation of procurement successes in your clinics and in the design of future-oriented organizational and personnel strategies..

Purchasing groups (GPO)

The German procurement market for medical / pharmaceutical / laboratory products as well as capital goods has been dominated for several years by a few market-dominating GPOs. On the other hand, there are increasingly larger supply cartels on the supply side, which make economic action, combined with high medical standards, extremely difficult. We support you in key questions such as choosing your GPO or what services you should expect from your GPO.

MedTec industry

This market is characterized by increasing cost pressure, increasing regulatory requirements (MDR) and high levels of competition among customers. This leads to clinic purchasing and the MedTec industry often facing each other as opponents rather than partners. We show ways to better understand clinic purchasing and to work out win / win situations as part of a long-term cooperation.


Never before has there been so much liquidity in the financial market that a profitable investment is looking for. In the absence of alternative investment options, this trend will intensify over the next few years. The health sector, which is largely independent of the economic cycle, is the focus of many investors and funds. We advise you in the selection of the right investment and support due diligence and assessment processes as industry experts.

International suppliers

Many requests for advice show the central problem of finding access to an international supplier in the German healthcare market: ignorance of the competitive and market landscape as well as regulatory requirements and reimbursement systems, etc .. We work with the supplier to develop a market entry strategy that is holistic for everyone General conditions are recorded and a successful market entry is made possible. Nothing is more expensive than a failed market entry carried out by false prerequisites.