Projectmanagement and Trading plattform

The current corona pandemic has shown how dependent the supply of medical facilities is on a functioning global supply chain. Almost all stakeholders in the healthcare sector were faced with challenges that had to be resolved quickly and were under great pressure to make decisions. Here we see ourselves as intermediaries to connect customers with producers or today unknown suppliers from our network. For this purpose, we offer a selection of current products that have already been tested for you in our webshop. Talk to us about specific bottlenecks! We are happy to scout to provide or offer you the resources you will need.

In addition, we offer interested clinics and facilities special product areas to be examined, renegotiated or re-tendered using a classic tender procedure.

Therefore we bundle the needs of several interested parties (demand pooling) and thus create incentives for the delivery industry to offer top conditions with high purchase commitments. In this case we are the link and guarantee professional, sustainable and benchmark-oriented support.

We help you with:

  • the creation of a concept for a procurement strategy
  • Implementation of negotiation skills
  • Change projects in your purchasing organization
  • Optimization of defined product or supplier portfolios
  • Implementation and review of tenders / price queries up to the VGV award procedure

If only one of these topics applies to you, we recommend a non-binding initial consultation - then you decide whether we are right for you.

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