Clinical account management

Clinic sales was yesterday, today and in the future it is about the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the employees from the supplier in the clinics. These can be application consultants, service technicians or the classic field service Account Manager, who is increasingly getting into conflict with Key account management in the purchasing groups: Who negotiates the final price and defines the liability in terms of price and quantity? What local room for negotiations is there? In order to make it clear what we see as the challenges of the future, we have formulated central questions in clinical account management as well as in the KAM function:

  • Do you understand the needs and expectations of your clinical customer?
  • Is your sales organized efficiently?
  • Do you manage your business successfully with purchasing groups?
  • Are you communicating with your customer in the right way?
  • Is your strategy clear formulated, understandable and accepted?
  • Do you have knowledge of current industry developments and future trends?
  • Do your account managers have the right skills?
  • Have you clearly defined roles, tasks and responsibilities?

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